Online Club Meetings

Quick Start Guide to Moving Your Toastmasters Club Meeting Online


Video 1: How to Start Meeting Online in 5 to 7 Minutes

Bonus–a sample meeting agenda to your first online meeting
First Meeting Sample Agenda


Video 2: – Key Features to Successful Toastmasters Meetings

2a–Participant Features:
(audio, video, chat, screen name, speaker/gallery view)

2b–Host Features:
(mute/unmute audio, host/co-host, mute/unmute video)

Bonus Tip–Check out this short blog post from Coach Carole, on planning your first online club meeting: Toastmasters: Plan your Meetings in Zoom


Video 3: Tools & Supplies to Enhance Your Online Toastmasters Meetings

Bonus Resources–

No Green Screen Option: Splitcam Tutorial (no green screen)

Timer Tips: Online Meeting Tips for Timers


Clip Mic


Video 4: Advance Zoom Features for Your Toastmasters Meetings

Spotlight vs Pin Videos in Meetings:

Video 5: Becoming a Pro at Online Toastmasters Meetings

5a–Body Position:

Read more on Wikipedia
Lighting & Virtual Background Resources–

Studio Lighting Kit: Click Here

Portable Green Screen: Click Here

5b–Video Quality — Color Saturation:

Webcam Driver for Windows: Click to Download

5c–Create Graphics for Virtual Backgrounds with PowerPoint:

Timing Colors Virtual Backgrounds: Click to Download

5d–Zoom Hack — How to Show the Timing Colors Without Using Virtual Backgrounds or Additional Software:

Bonus–Timer Color Images for Your Profile: Click to Download


Video 6: Online Toastmasters Meeting Role Holders Explained

One of our online only clubs, the Online Presenters, has created a wonderful Role Holder Guide on their website.

Online Meeting Roles Explained: Click Here

It is quite comprehensive. Your club may run things a little differently. Use their guide as a starting point, and adjust the details accordingly.


Video 7: Toastmasters Online Speech Contest Tips

My friend David Carr from the Online Presenters Toastmasters Club has created a wonderful tool to make managing speech contest much easier. Once set up, judges can even vote from their phones. Even in-person speech contests can use this tool to speed up the process. He is very generous in making this FREE to Toastmasters clubs. Go to the link below, and I guarantee it will save you hours of labor.

Free Toastmasters Contest Judging Tool: Click Here


Bonus–Sample Contest Scripts: Click to Download (**Note: make sure you contextualize them to fit your club/area/division)


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