Pathways Tutorials

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This page is dedicated to all things Pathways. Most tutorial videos on this page are less than 3 minutes long. They are meant to help troubleshoot your Pathways/Base Camp journey.

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1. Logging into

**Note: if the system says your membership has expired, ask one of your club officers to check Club Central. If your membership is current, have the officer add a new email address to your profile. Use the new email address to log in.**

2. Choosing a Path

**Note: the Base Camp version of Pathways has more options and functionalities. If you prefer to read physical manuals (instead of using computer or tablet), you can print out each speech project from Base Camp. (See #7 Download & Print Projects below)**

3. Going into Base Camp


3.1 Base Camp Home Page


4. Accessing Your Path


5. Begin a Project


6. Assess Your Skills – BEFORE


7. Download & Print Projects

**Note: the “Print My Project” PDF on the “YOUR EVALUATION” page includes the evaluation form(s) of the project.**

8. Access Speech Evaluation Forms

**Note: Evaluation Forms can be found within each Project, and also listed on the “SPEECH EVALUATIONS” page.**

9. Complete a Project (Assess Your Skills – AFTER)

**You MUST answer all the “Assess Your Skills — After” questions; then click the right arrow to arrive at the “CONGRATULATIONS!” page. Close the project window, and the system will update your project as complete. A check mark will appear on the project icon.**
**Note: Sending evaluation of projects to TI Headquarters are optional. You have a 10-day window after you’ve completed a project to give feedback. After the 10-day has past, the Evaluate button will disappear.**

9.1 Level 1 Explained

 **Note: After you've completed the Ice Breaker project, the other two project activation (burgundy) buttons will appear. You can work on these two projects in any order. For example, after the Ice Breaker project, you can complete the Researching & Presenting project first, before working on Evaluation & Feedback.**

10. Update Your Base Camp Profile


11. Upload Documents to E-Portfolio


12. Completing a Level

**Note: the VP Education, President & Secretary, are your club’s Base Camp Managers. Any one of the three Base Camp Managers can approve your level completion requests.**

13. Track Meeting Roles


14. Elective Projects

**Note: You can complete more than the required number of projects. You can come back anytime to review completed projects or begin other elective projects.**

15. Search in Base Camp


16. Viewing Other Members’ Profile


17. Provide Feedback to Other Members


18. Requesting Feedback


19. Responding to Feedback Requests from Other Members


20. Troubleshoot: Level Completion & DCP Awards


** Pathways Project Evaluation Forms & Resources: Click Here **